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5 Walking US Shoes Absorption Lightweight Sports Sneakers Shock M D men Casual for Blue 7 Shoes The mission of ECLAC in this area is to generate and disseminate analyses and policy proposals aimed at strengthening the participation of the Latin American and Caribbean region in global trade and fostering regional integration, particularly as it relates to economic matters. To this end, ECLAC produces studies and publications, organizes conferences and seminars, provides technical assistance to governments and integration bodies in the region, and develops and maintains a range of databases. The work of the International Trade and Integration Division covers quantitative and qualitative aspects of both themes, through coordination with other ECLAC divisions and national and subregional offices.

  • The Inefficiency of Inequality

    ECLAC proposes strategic guidelines to increase the efficiency of Latin American and Caribbean economies, based on equality and sustainability and within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

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